Marhaban, my darlings!

In this post I’m going to tell you exactly how our Marrakech trip was. It was certainly an experience. So different than every other place we visited so far. Culture could be seen in every corner and that is what I am always seeking from my trips. And the Arabian streets and the souks are a reason to go back to this place one day. But there is a “but” in our whole experience.


While we fell in love with the red streets, Marrakech is a labyrinth. You can, no let me rephrase that, you WILL get lost in the Medina and there is always a guy trying to help you in exchange for money. And they always ask for more money. That actually ruined our first two days. The first riad we stayed was a little bit harder to find so we had to deal with this kind of people every time we wanted to returned to it. While Marrakech is really lovely, you have to know where to stay to enjoy it.

After our second day there, we changed riads. This one was much easier to find and closer to the souks. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the first one but the location wasn’t the best. I actually was depressed the second afternoon and wanted to return home. But as soon as we changed places, our whole experience changed. We started enjoying our trip and we loved getting lost in the streets near it. It felt that every corner of it came out of Aladdin. So that’s when I started loving Marrakech. In the photos below, I am wearing a pair of trousers and a white shirt – top from Topshop. I just love my outfit in this post. It was very comfortable and perfect for those hot Moroccan days.

Love, Lucy xxx


Wearing: Topshop trousers & top, Loom headscarf, handmade bag that was a gift and Cousu Main espadrilles

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