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In a previous post, I mentioned that we celebrated one year as a married couple. I told you my wedding story for the anniversary post, and now I am sharing with you how we spent the day. Actually, the weekend. From the title, you can guess that we went to Paphos and we (finally) visited Akamas. It was a long trip so we decided to spend the night there. We were allowed to spoil ourselves just a little because of the anniversary thing! We stayed at this beautiful hotel KING EVELTHON which had everything we needed. It was the perfect place to relax after a really exhausting morning. More about that morning on the next post. Anyway, our room was gorgeous and clean with a private swimming pool and the hotel’s food was delicious. That was all we were looking for. It hasn’t got a beach but it has a massive pool so we were fine. Totally recommend!

So now, Akamas. A crystal cleared water area that gave you the feeling that you are swimming in a pool. A 45-minute boat ride to paradise. The boat leaves you there for an hour long swim and it is not enough. We came back to Nicosia and we are already talking about revisiting. Akamas is also known for its turtles but we weren’t lucky enough to meet any so we must go again :p

I’ve never seen a place like that before and the pictures of the post, do not give it justice.


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