Marhaban, my darlings!

Riad Jardin Secret (find the post HERE) was my last post from Marrakech but I still have a couple more posts to share from Morocco. The morning after Riad Jardin Secret, we had a cab waiting for us to go to the Agafay stone desert. Actually, not a cab, it was a four-wheel drive that immediately got us in a “desert” mood. So we spent the night in a tent at Scarabeo Camp. That was such an experience. In the middle of nowhere we stayed in a tent. It was amazing. As I said before it wasn’t the desert you have in mind. No sand whatsoever. That’s why it’s called a stoned desert. But let me share my experience.

The experience

So I was prepared for a photo-shooting wearing a gorgeous maxi skirt from “Bad Outfit” and a short sleeved top I got from Mexico. And I was so excited for this shooting. I absolutely loved my skirt. It was a black printed one with a pink and green pattern at the end. From the time we were in the car, the driver warned us that is cooler in the desert. But we definitely did not expect such difference from Marrakech considered it’s just a 50 minute drive from there. Well I was freezing! It’s a good thing that the photos did not capture me shaking! As soon as we got there it wasn’t so bad, but by the afternoon the cold wind took over and you could see dramatic clouds approaching. And like that wasn’t enough, by eight o’clock it started raining and did not stop all night. So imagine staying in a tent in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country and pouring. So staying in the stone desert of Agafay was a great experience for me but I am not doing it again!

I hope you’ll enjoy the post so I didn’t freeze for nothing!

Love, Lucy xx


Wearing: Bad Outfit maxi skirt, top from a little store in Tulum, Cousu Main espadrilles

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