About us
About us

Hi everyone!

I’m Lucy and behind the camera is my husband, Louis. We come from the small island of Cyprus and we are chasing palm trees around the world! We love exploring places we’ve never been to before and experience their unique culture. Through Fashion In Suitcases we want to inspire you to travel to beautiful exotic destinations and live the most amazing but ethical experiences, eat the yummiest food and stay in gorgeous hotels at each destination! Oh, and if, for any reason, it’s not feasible for you to travel right now, we hope you can mentally travel through our photos and stories!

Something you owe to know about me is that I’m deadly afraid of flying but that doesn’t stop us from traveling. The fear I feel while being on a plane is temporary but the beautiful memories from our adventures are forever! Just wish you won’t be the one sitting next to me on the plane!

P.S Just so you know, I make poor decisions at almost every trip we go on. Like choosing not to book a hotel room for a night and sleeping on a bench outside the airport in a foreign country so stay tuned and hope you can learn from our mistakes!

Love, Lucy x