Hello, my darlings!

In this week’s Street Monday I am going to show you a lady I’ve met during my first “fashion job” (besides blogging). Her name is Despo and if you ever meet her, you will definitely notice that she is IN FASHION. She is one of those people who actually understand fashion and that reflects her style and personality. It is not possible for you to pass by her and not comment about her style. Every time I see her I compliment her outfit. It is not a surprise that her job is fashion styling. And she loves her job.

So last week Despo came by my workplace. As soon as I saw her I asked her to be my next Street Monday post. I had to take a photo of her. Everyone had to see the creativity of her look. She was about to attend an event and her outfit was absolutely amazing. The tulle and the leggings underneath and the socks and those shoes? Only Despo would look so great wearing them together! Rock with a gothic touch. So creative and “on point”. And to complete her outfit? She had the craziest makeup look. She can be an inspiration but tooooo difficult to copy. I believe only SHE can pull this off. So I guess… watch and learn!

IN FASHIONDESPOSTYLISTCLOSE UPCLOSE UPSMAKE UPDETAILSWearing: Zara sheer dress, Topshop leggings, her mom’s blazer, Stradivarius shoes and Mango bag

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