Hello, my loves!

In this post, I will talk about one of my favorite trends. The Corset! It’s ultra feminine while it emphasizes a woman’s waist and it gives that lady shape that (every) Ed Sheeran loves! :p (I love that song!)

The trend, though, is not the corset itself. It’s actually the corset belt outside a printed or patterned shirt. Or even over a dress as seen on Sofie Valkiers. We have first seen it, at Prada’s catwalk and loved it ever since. Sofie actually wears a white Prada one. In my opinion, a corset gives a Girl Boss / Girl-knows-fashion look which I much admire!

Now it is my turn to tell you (and show you) how I wore it! I chose to wear my black corset belt with a striped top/ shirt that I got on sale and a pair of black culotte pants. My one is from Zara but I have also seen a couple of those on Asos and of course added them to my wish – list! My favorite was a black, leather one by Retro Luxe London with double Buckle.

CORSETCORSETCORSETCORSETCORSETCORSETCORSETWearing: ZARA corset and top, Mango culottes and Topshop shoes 

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