On Monday morning we were supposed to wake up in a hotel up in the mountains with a beautiful snowy/wintery background for a view. We packed our bags on Sunday and got ready for our trip! Instead, we couldn’t drive to the mountains because of the snow. The weather was terrible. Police officers were everywhere trying to prevent drivers from going to the mountains. So we called the hotel and changed our date hoping the weather is better next time.

Doesn’t matter, though! On Monday morning we woke up at our house, had breakfast and headed off to Lefkara village for a day trip. A beautiful traditional village with so many COLOURFUL DOORS!!! I’m thinking you didn’t expect to read this! I’ve seen many colorful buildings before but never colorful doors! I thought that was amazing so in this post you’ll see me posing in front of every door I liked!


In this post I’m wearing Topshop black mom jeans, Zara knitted jumper, Stradivarius boots and three long sleeved tops underneath my jumper but you can’t see them!!!

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